Advanced Fellowships Administered
by the Graduate School

The Graduate School Advanced Fellowship Competition is held annually in the spring semester. Students are nominated by their department.

Endowed Ph.D. Fellowships are for students who are making good progress to the degree in terms of both quality of work and timing, and who can provide a compelling statement about their current or planned research. Endowed Ph.D Fellowships include:

Research Enhancement Fellowships are designed to provide additional opportunities for outstanding Ph.D students in any field whose research requires work in particularly complex or distant settings, expertise in languages classified by the federal government as "less commonly taught," or other unusual expenses for activities that are essential for the student's research. Selection is based on the quality and research potential of the graduate student and the likelihood that the additional resources will have a notable effect on the academic career of the student.

Dissertation Completion Fellowships are awarded on a competitive basis, with emphasis in fields where research assistantships are not generally available. The Dissertation Completion Fellowship is intended to facilitate the final completion and submission of dissertations. Recipients of the Dissertation Completion Fellowship will therefore not be eligible for further funding as a graduate student at USC upon completion of this fellowship.

In addition, the Graduate School administers the following awards:

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