The program provides an opportunity for fellows to gain teaching experience as instructors of record for their own course and to be mentored by some of USC's best faculty.

Provost's Mentored Teaching Fellows Program

The Provost's Mentored Teaching Fellows program is open to USC PhD students, preferably those entering their third or fourth year of study. Students chosen for the program will serve as instructors of record for their own courses and will be mentored by some of USC's best faculty. In addition to excellent scholarly credentials, the students selected will have teaching portfolios that include syllabi, course materials, and faculty recommendations geared specifically to teaching as they move out into the academic job market.

Provost's Mentored Teaching Fellows must be making timely progress to the degree, have an outstanding record in coursework, and have strong student evaluations and faculty recommendations for at least one and preferably two semesters of work as a teaching assistant or assistant lecturer at USC. The student and his or her mentor will apply jointly to develop a 4-unit undergraduate course akin to one typically taught by a new junior faculty member. The course must be accessible to undergraduate students from a wide array of majors and have a projected enrollment of 15-30 students.

Provost's Mentored Teaching Fellows will be appointed for one year. The first semester will be devoted to course preparations and participation in the Provost's Mentored Teaching Fellows Seminar conducted jointly by the Graduate School and the Center for Excellence in Teaching. During the second semester, the fellow will teach the course that she or he has prepared and will continue participation in the seminar. The fellow will receive a stipend at the level of a Provost's Fellowship along with a $1,000 research account to be used for research expenses and professional travel. The student's faculty mentor will receive a $500 contribution to his or her research account.

Application Process
Each PhD program at USC may nominate three candidates. To apply for the program, students submit the following documents:

The student's teaching mentor submits a recommendation (up to 250 words). Approvals are required from the student's dissertation chair, program director or department chair, and the school dean or vice dean.

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