Annenberg Graduate Fellowship Program

The USC Annenberg Graduate Fellowship Program will fund annually at least 100 world-class graduate students in the USC Annenberg School for Communication, the USC School of Cinematic Arts, and the USC Viterbi School of Engineering. Fellows will conduct cutting-edge communication and digital media research, advance important new programs in the communications arena, and constitute an internationally recognized and highly regarded group of communication research scholars and creative practitioners.

USC Annenberg Fellows will be afforded opportunities that extend beyond the core activities of their individual graduate programs. As well as helping to foster intellectual community and enable synergies to develop across the three Schools, these opportunities will enhance their academic work and define the unique experience of a USC Annenberg Fellow.

The Fellowships

For 2008-2009, all USC Annenberg Fellows who are pursuing the Ph.D. degree will receive an annual stipend of $30,000, full tuition remission, payment of health and dental insurance and mandatory fees. All USC Annenberg Fellows who are pursuing either the M.A. or M.F.A. degrees will receive an annual stipend of $20,000, full tuition remission, payment of health and dental insurance and mandatory fees. The number of years of fellowship funding and the extent of matching funds provided by the Schools will vary among the eligible programs.


Outstanding students in the following programs are eligible for USC Annenberg Graduate Fellowships:

The Annenberg School for Communication
The USC School of Cinematic Arts
The Viterbi School of Engineering

How to become a USC Annenberg Fellow

In order to be considered for a USC Annenberg Graduate Fellowship, students should first apply to one of the programs listed above. The three Schools will then select students to be nominated to the Graduate School for consideration. Those selected to be USC Annenberg Fellows will be announced by the Graduate School.

The Nomination Process

The majority of fellowships will be offered to prospective students. Nominations for a modest number of continuing students will be invited later in the year if funds are available.

The USC Annenberg Graduate Fellowship Program is administered by the USC Graduate School. Nominations will be accepted from the deans of the three eligible Schools. Only students who are regarded as truly outstanding by the faculty and thus considered deserving of a USC Annenberg Graduate Fellowship should be nominated. It is, of course, expected that all nominees will be approved for full admission by the program to which they are applying.

Nominations will be made on-line by the dean’s office. The nomination deadline for students in Ph.D. programs is 5pm, Monday, January 28th, 2008. The nomination deadline for students applying to M.A. and M.F.A. programs will vary by program. Each M.A. and M.F.A. program deadline will be determined by the dean in consultation with the Graduate School.

After the nominations are complete, all application materials that have been submitted on-line by the nominee to the University Office of Admission will be obtained electronically by the Graduate School. Schools will also have the opportunity to upload to the nominee’s dossier any documents that were not submitted on-line.

Review Process and Notification

The application dossiers will be reviewed as soon as possible after the submission deadline. Letters for those students who will receive fellowship offers will be generated by the Graduate School and sent directly to the students by both email and hard copy. The Graduate School’s goal is to make award decisions within 2 weeks of the submission deadline. Schools will be notified as soon as decisions are made. If Schools have informed students of their nomination it is the responsibility of the School to notify those students who will not receive awards of the decision.

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