The faculty in your program have decided that you are one of the scholars who will open up an academic discipline to the vast possibilities of the future.  The exploration of those possibilities is exactly what USC represents.  We offer you all the knowledge, creativity, and insight of more than eighty doctoral programs and more than two hundred master's programs. The faculty and staff of the Graduate School are here to help you work toward your goals as you shape your studies at USC.  We wish you every success in your studies and in your chosen profession. -Sally (Sarah) Pratt, Vice Provost for Graduate Programs

A Community of Scholars

Graduate students at USC are key members of the university’s community of scholars, contributing diverse viewpoints and fresh insights that are poised to make their mark on the theories, systems, inventions, public policy and creative work of the 21st century.

The Graduate School values the contribution of every graduate student. By adhering to the highest ethical standards, you and your professors establish the best possible environment for the open exchange of ideas—a hallmark of excellence in graduate education.

Excellence in graduate and professional education is critically dependent on the exchange of scholarly ideas among an increasingly diverse community of faculty and students. The values that characterize these interactions include dedication to excellence, mutual respect, fairness, collegiality, honesty and integrity.


Many resources are available to you as a USC graduate student. Among them are the Graduate and Professional Student Senate, the official voice of the graduate and professional student body; the Graduate and Professional Students' Advocates, your personal liaison with USC administration; and your faculty mentor.

For information about financial support, visit the USC Financial Aid Office website and the Fellowships section of this site.

If you encounter difficulties at any time during your graduate school career, please do not hesitate to contact The Graduate School for assistance. We are here to help ensure that you get the most out of your graduate program at USC.

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