Progressive Master's Degree

The progressive master's degree enables motivated USC undergraduates with at least a 3.0 GPA to begin work on a master's degree while completing requirements for the bachelor's degree. The degrees should be in similar fields of study, in the same or different department(s).

Students in this program must fulfill all requirements for both the bachelor's and the master's degree, but up to one-third of master's degree units may be applied to both degrees. For the first eight semesters of the program, participants are considered as undergraduates; they then become full-fledged graduate students.

Depending on the field, the progressive degree may be earned in as few as 10 semesters at USC. There is no GRE requirement, but students are expected to have a GPA of at least 3.0 at the time of application. Students applying to the program should have completed 64 units of bachelor's degree course work, but no more than 96 units.

Undergraduates interested in this program should apply for admission in the junior year. Applicants must provide two letters of recommendation from USC faculty. For instructions and an application, click here.

Students interested in a progressive master's degree should contact the chairs of both their undergraduate program and their proposed master's program.

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