Graduate School Advisory Council - As we strive to ensure the high quality of graduate programs at USC, The Graduate School appreciates the continued partnership of faculty and staff. Together with the Friends of the Graduate School (FOGS), the Graduate School Advisory Council (GSAC) is integral to the continued relevance and efficacy of our work. The Graduate School Advisory Council provides advice and consultation on matters related to the broad spectrum of graduate education at USC.


The Advisory Council is a broadly based and inclusive group that helps the vice provost for graduate programs sort out the most pressing issues affecting USC graduate programs. The group includes representatives from the Graduate Student Government, the graduate school's Graduate Student Advocates, representatives from the Council of Academic Advisors, staff from a number of individual programs and the graduate school, and faculty of all ranks and tracks from programs across the university. The group is notably diverse in terms of ethnicity, life experience, field, and role within the university community.


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