Graduate Research Opportunities

Research at USC is distinguished by $691 million annually in sponsored research for study in a wide array of disciplines, and an emphasis on collaboration across multiple disciplines to meet societal needs.

Graduate Research Opportunities

Examples of such collaboration include:

  • Preventing, detecting and curing diseases
  • Capturing and distributing energy supplies that are environmentally benign, economical and long-lasting
  • Securing the nation and the world against the risks of natural disasters and intentional acts of terrorism
  • Enhancing cross-cultural understanding and cooperation, through communication among civic, religious, ethnic and community institutions
  • Establishing teaching practices that enable deeper understanding of science and math, languages and cultures, leadership and justice

USC research centers:

The Office of Research provides additional information about USC research initiatives, centers and facilities, and sources of research funding. Postdoctoral program information can be found at the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs.