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Fall 2021 Courses Revised Grade Option Offer to Pass/No Pass

In his 10/28 memo to all students, Provost Zukoski announced revised grade option offerings for Fall 2021 and a new academic advising service – USC Advisor Connect. Find responses to frequently asked questions for graduate students below.

USC Advisor Connect

If you have a question beyond what is addressed in these pages, you can submit a message to one of our academic advising staff by clicking the button below. This service is available to undergraduate and graduate students. Your message should include:

Your submission will be managed through the USC Provost Shared Services Portal and you will receive communication from the email address “USC Provost Service Center”.

Graduate Pass/No Pass Grade Option FAQs 

The university has extended the deadline to elect Pass/No Pass grades for Fall 2021 to Friday, December 3, 2021.  You can change your course grade option on Web Registration in the myCourseBin screen.

As a graduate student, can I change my Fall 2021 courses to Pass/No Pass?  

Graduate students will receive instructions directly from their school dean indicating whether any Fall courses can be taken for the Pass/No Pass grade option. 

Certain accreditation and licensure requirements may restrict the usage of Pass/No Pass grade options. Consult your academic program for details that apply to you.

If my school allows me to change my course to Pass/No Pass, what is the deadline for selecting the Pass/No Pass option? 

You can change your course grade option on Web Registration in the myCourseBin screen.  The deadline to select the Pass/No Pass option is the last day of classes for the course in question.

How will I be graded in my Fall 2021 courses? 

After grading final examinations, faculty members will grade you according to the grade option you selected in Web Registration for each course. For any classes for which you select the Pass/No Pass option, a final grade of B or above will appear on your record as a Pass. 

Will changing my grade option to Pass/No Pass affect financial aid? 

Courses taken Pass/No Pass will still count towards pace of progression and maximum time frame for Satisfactory Academic Progress. Grades of Pass/No Pass will not impact GPA; however, a No Pass grade can negatively impact pace of progression. Please review the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy for more details at 

Where can I change my grade option to Pass/No Pass for my Fall 2021 class schedule? 

You can change your course grade option on Web Registration in the myCourseBin screen. 

How will this change affect my GPA? 

The Pass/No Pass grade is not counted in the grade point average. 

Note: A student who takes all courses in a semester for Pass/No Pass will have a semester GPA of 0.0

If I receive a high final grade in a course that I have designated for Pass/No Pass by the deadline, may I later ask to substitute that Letter grade for the grade of Pass? 

No, once you have asked for Pass/No Pass status in a course, you cannot later change to a Letter grade. 

I am a graduate student receiving VA education benefits, will Pass/No Pass affect VA payments? 

The VA only pays for degree applicable courses.  If your program of study approves the Pass/No Pass option and grants credit toward degree completion, the VA will continue to pay for the course.