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USC Adds to Proposal, Again Increasing Stipends in 16th Negotiation Session

USC Graduate School

USC Adds to Proposal, Again Increasing Stipends in 16th Negotiation Session


USC offered its third economic proposal to the union Monday, continuing the progress the university has made since its first economic proposal on October 9, and concluding the 16th good faith bargaining session since April. 

As the union conducts a vote this week to permit a strike that would potentially disrupt campus operations, USC has prioritized reaching a fair and competitive agreement. The university’s latest proposal again demonstrates the school’s appreciation of its graduate students and their contributions to the mission of the university while addressing concerns brought forth by the union.

The newest economic offer adds an additional 0.5% to stipends, raising the minimum stipend by 12% in four years—to $38,232.

In addition to an increase in stipends, the university’s proposal continues to include a provision to prevent and respond to harassment. USC is steadfast in upholding the values that characterize our learning and research environment:  mutual respect, academic rigor and integrity. To that end, USC has proposed a collaborative process through which the union can share feedback on the university’s processes for investigating actions contrary to these values, such as prohibited protected class discrimination, harassment and retaliation. 

Other highlights of our most recent economic proposal:

  • Committed to earlier availability of a $1,800 childcare subsidy to be available at the beginning of the academic year after ratification.
  • Increased childcare subsidy fund by $50,000 making the benefit available to even more students.
  • Established a process for the union to provide input on the Student Health Plan to ensure benefits meet our students’ needs.

This is in addition to:

  • $250,000 dependent healthcare fund for eligible medical expenses
  • $10,000 fund available to international graduate student workers who lose visa status during their appointment
  • Continuing semester-long paid parental leave, a benefit not offered by peer institutions.
  • 5 days of sick leave
  • UPass Program availability
  • Reimbursement of mandatory student fees
  • Tuition remission

We remain grateful to our students and faculty for their dedication to the teaching and learning mission of the university, and for the union negotiators for continuing to discuss the terms of our contract in good faith. We are confident we can reach a mutually beneficial agreement that maintains a positive professional environment for our graduate students and averts a strike.

Our next bargaining session is scheduled for October 31, and we are scheduling November dates.   We will update you when those dates are set. 

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