DIA Initiatives

DIA Initiatives

Pathways to the PhD – DIA JumpStart Program

USC’s Graduate Initiative for Diversity, Inclusion, and Access (DIA) aims to increase the pool of diverse PhD applicants by providing academic and financial support and professional development opportunities.

DIA JumpStart works with USC schools and programs to invite diverse candidates from outside institutions to apply for 10-week summer research opportunities in various PhD disciplines. Available opportunities range from lab-based research to mentored participation in other types of faculty projects

Academic Support, Professional Development, and Diversity Inclusion Programs

Please check the Graduate Events Page for upcoming academic support, professional development, and diversity inclusion programs.

DIA PhD Fellowship Stipend Top-Offs

The Graduate School provides DIA top-offs to the stipends for DIA-qualified incoming PhD students nominated by their programs. These top-offs, along with the Provost’s Fellowship top-offs, represent the university’s highest award for incoming students.