Faculty & Staff

Together with the Graduate School Advisory Council (GSAC), Graduate Deans Group and Friends of the Graduate School (FOGS), provide advice on a broad spectrum of issues related to graduate education at USC.

Faculty & Staff

Graduate School Advisory Council

The Graduate School Advisory Council (GSAC) is a broadly based and inclusive group that helps the vice provost for graduate programs sort out the most pressing issues affecting USC graduate programs. The group includes representatives from the Graduate Student Government, additional graduate students, representatives from the Academic Senate, representatives from the Council of Academic Advisors, staff from a number of individual programs and the graduate school, and faculty of all ranks and tracks from programs across the university. The group is diverse in terms of ethnicity, life experience, field, and role within the university community.
  • Advises the Vice Provost for Graduate Programs, and recommends courses of action on university policies
  • Serves as an important link between the academic units and the Graduate School
  • Acts as the official advisory group on policies, quality standards, rules and regulations of Tthe Graduate School
  • Advocates for the needs of the graduate program and graduate students within USC
  • Helps build cross-school, cross-discipline communication and collaboration
  • Helps develops strategic initiatives to improve graduate education
  • Serves as advocacy consultants for students needing help in conflict resolution and/or as panel members in appeals of disputed academic evaluations that would lead to dismissal

Graduate Deans Group

The Graduate Deans Group is made up vice and associate deans and others with oversight over USC graduate programs.
The group meets each semester, and more often as needed, to discuss and advise the Vice Provost for Graduate Programs on academic policies and practices relevant to graduate students and programs.

Friends of the Graduate School (FOGS)

The Friends of the Graduate School (FOGS) includes staff and others from graduate programs and administrative offices across the university. FOGS meets regularly during the academic year on the University Park and Health Sciences campuses. Meetings include opportunities for staff to share ideas and concerns and to cement working relationships across the university. In addition, meetings include discussion of university policies and practices.