GRSC 596 (CPT)

GRSC 596: Internship for Curricular Practical Training

GRSC 596: Internship for Curricular Practical Training is a course designed to allow international students to gain practical work experience in their field of study. The internship is located off-campus, but a USC faculty member in the same school or department individually supervises students in the academic component. Before applying for GRSC 596, students should confirm whether or not their school offers its own CPT course. If the school offers its own course, then it may not be necessary for the student to enroll in GRSC 596.

International graduate students who meet the following criteria are eligible to enroll in GRSC 596:

The Request for D-Clearance for GRSC 596 is available from the staff graduate advisor in the student’s department. The form requires the signatures of the student, his or her faculty supervisor, and the department chair. Along with the completed form, students submit to the staff advisor an agreement with the faculty supervisor indicating his or her approval of the internship and the terms of the bi-weekly reports and final exam. For more information, download the GRSC 596 syllabus.

Completed requests need to be received by the Graduate School at least two weeks before the first day of employment. Students who submit an application after their official start date will not receive approval for CPT and cannot be granted D-clearance in GRSC 596. International students are not permitted to work off campus until they have received approval from both the Graduate School and the Office of International Services.

GRSC 596 can be taken for a maximum of one unit per term. The GRSC 596 unit may or may not be applied toward the degree, depending on the individual department or school.

Consult the Office of International Services (213-740-2666 or for additional information and paperwork deadlines.