USC Graduate School

Update Regarding Negotiations

June 9, 2023

Bargaining with the Graduate Student Workers Organizing Committee – United Auto Workers (GSWOC-UAW) began on April 11, 2023. To date, we have had five productive negotiation sessions with the University and the union reaching tentative agreements on nine provisions. This means these provisions (‘articles’) would appear in the contract if a contract is reached and ratified by a vote by the union.  These provisions include:

  • Health and Safety
  • Personnel files
  • Workspace Support
  • Training and Orientation
  • Travel
  • Postings
  • Severability
  • Labor Management Meetings
  • Appointments

We are still relatively early in the process but have made tremendous progress in a short amount of time.  There is much that remains to be covered but important conversations have started on topics like the University’s academic and management rights.

The University looks forward to the upcoming bargaining sessions scheduled for June 15, July 13, and July 27.

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