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Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

Graduate Deans Group

The Graduate Deans Group is made up of vice and associate deans and others with oversight over USC graduate programs.


The group meets each semester, and more often as needed, to discuss and advise the Vice Provost for Academic Programs on academic policies and practices relevant to graduate students and programs.

Friends of the Graduate School (FOGS)

The Friends of the Graduate School (FOGS) includes staff and others from graduate programs and administrative offices across the university. FOGS meets regularly during the academic year. Meetings include opportunities for staff to share ideas and concerns and to cement working relationships across the university. In addition, meetings include discussion of university policies and practices.

second century leadership community(SCLC)

The Second Century Leadership Community (SCLC) brings together pairs of faculty and staff leaders from change ready graduate programs across USC. Its vision is to create an engaged community structure for the continuous improvement of doctoral education, drawing on principles of shared leadership and diversity, equity, and inclusion. SCLC operates as a site for implementing recommendations from the 2022 Joint Academic Senate/ Graduate School Task Force, as well as a means of institutionalizing USC’s membership in the Equity in Graduate Education Consortium ( Five meetings per year offer professional development about research-informed, equity-minded practices (e.g., admissions, recruitment, mentoring, change management). They also help normalize cross-role, cross-program, and cross-school/college dialogue and sharing, to create and sustain momentum for program- level changes.

Programs participating in Academic Year 2023-2024 are: Anthropology, Art History, Computer Science, Craniofacial Biology, Integrative and Evolutionary Biology, Marine and Environmental Science, Media Arts and Practice, Neuroscience, Physics, Program in Biomedical and Biological Sciences, and Sociology.

To learn more about participating in SCLC, please contact Associate Dean Julie Posselt at 

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