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Introducing the 2014 PhD Achievement Award winners: Chin-Hao Huang

Chin-Hao Huang
USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences
Doctor of Philosophy, Political Science and International Relations (May 2014)
Faculty Advisor: David Kang

Chin-Hao’s research explores how and why emerging economies and rising powers in Asia take on self-constraining commitments and comply with international norms. He is the primary author of ten publications, including refereed articles, research monographs, a Congressional testimony, and book chapters in leading presses such as the Oxford University Press and Routledge. One research article, which draws from a chapter from his dissertation, received the highest distinction from the American Political Science Association (APSA) for the “2014 Best Foreign Policy Paper Award.”

Chin-Hao has received grants from the United States Institute of Peace, and the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office Strategic Programme Fund. In 2014, Chin-Hao was awarded a Collaborative Research Grant from the MacArthur Foundation to study the theoretical, empirical, and policy implications of China’s rise for newly-emergent U.S. security partnerships in Southeast Asia. He will be a Principal Investigator working with a network of scholars from Australia, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Vietnam. Beginning in 2014, Chin-Hao will join the faculty of Yale as an Assistant Professor of Political Science.

Congratulations, Dr. Huang!