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Catherine Griffiths

Cinema, Media Arts + Practice, Faculty Advisor: Andreas Kratky

Catherine Griffiths is a media artist and researcher exploring algorithmic aesthetics and critical code in the context of machine learning ethics. By creating simulations, short films, and software applications, her work attempts to make the computational forces that shape power and social dynamics visible. Drawing on the legacy of generative art, the recent rise in artificial intelligence, and critical theory, Catherine seeks to contribute to an emerging arts knowledge. She has curated exhibitions, co-edited a book and published widely in a variety of peer-reviewed journals. As a student, she organized a monthly series called Paxis, setting the theme and curating three to four artists to show work relevant to the topic in a small, week-long exhibition. In conjunction with each exhibition she organized events during which all involved artists gave talks that introduced students from across the university to cutting edge work and the opportunity to discuss different methodologies and creative approaches. She will join the University of Michigan as an Assistant Professor in the fall