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Deadline Reminder: SSRC Eurasia Program Fellowships

SSRC Eurasia Program Fellowships


DEADLINE: 11:00PM EST December 8, 2012

The Eurasia Program offers two types of fellowship support in 2012, providing financial and academic support to graduate students in the early stages of dissertation development and Ph.D. candidates near completion of their doctoral programs in the social sciences and related humanities.

Pre-Dissertation Awards (PDAs) enable early-stage graduate students to perform initial field assessments of up to four weeks for archival exploration, preliminary interviews, and other feasibility studies related to their dissertations. We anticipate awarding six young scholars the opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge of their proposed field sites, establish contacts within local communities, meet with local scholars, and gain insight into how their dissertation topics resonate with regional intellectual, political, and social currents. Proposals should reflect a clear plan for initial field assessment, require a budget of less than $3,000, and clearly articulate the policy relevance of the proposed project.

Dissertation Development Awards (DDAs) are intended to provide one year of support to enable the prompt completion of a PhD dissertation. We anticipate offering approximately ten DDAs (with stipends of up to $20,000) to advanced graduate students who have completed their fieldwork. Fellows will participate in professionalization activities and a fall workshop and contribute to the Eurasia Program’s new working paper and policy brief series. Applicants should pay serious attention to the policy-relevant aspects of their research. All DDA applicants must have obtained ABD status (meaning they have completed all requirements for the PhD except for the dissertation) by the application submission deadline.

Proposals and research must pertain to one or more of the regions and countries currently supported by the program: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. We will consider comparative projects if one or more of the countries/regions under consideration are supported by the program.